One of a kind 'Forest Spirit' pieces will be available here-

  February 18 at 9 pm EST

Join us here on Wednesday, February 18 at 9 pm EST for our exclusive, online-only Forest Spirit Pottery studio sale! 

Think of it as an exclusive gallery opening - without all the dressing up, small talk, dried out cheese cubes and bad wine. 

Yes, we're back again with more wonderful and whimsical woodland work.  The scope of our work has expanded a you'll see quite a few pieces with bold bark texture and some adorned with just leaves and twigs....But we'll still have a nice selection of pieces with faces and some really cool animals too.

How does it work?  We'll be posting previews on our Facebook Event Page prior to the sale.  Make a list of your favorites and then get ready to rumble!  At 9 pm, the section of our shop that contains the Forest Spirit line will go live, magically appearing on the internet like Brigadoon.  Every piece is one of a kind.  so to avoid disappointment, have second and third choices ready!  Last time we did this, more than half our stock was gone in under 10 minutes and the majority of the pieces were sold in less than an hour.  Note that putting something in your cart doesn't guarantee it's yours. Until you actually check out and pay for it, it's still active in the shop and someone else can buy it out from under you. 

Thanks for supporting our art!   

stoneware plate and coffee mug 140

Welcome to the home of Hughes Pottery!  We're a husband and wife team of artists that create functional stoneware pottery for your kitchen and your table.  Each piece is handmade one at a time on our wheels- no molds or forms are ever used.  Everything you see here was produced in our small home studio in Central Pennsylvania from food safe, microwave safe, non-toxic materials.

We don't make the kind of art that you put behind glass and never touch.  We want our work to get covered in oatmeal, filled with your favorite wine and used to serve your grandmother's famous sage and cornbread stuffing!

What we make is simply beautiful art that becomes part of your daily life.

-Charles Hughes and Rowan Rose

What our customers are saying:

"So very very beautiful. I am tempted to smash all the rest of my crockery so I have an excuse to buy more! "

"Gorgeous pottery and super fast delivery.  The pottery was so well packaged I think I could have thrown the box into the Grand Canyon and it still wouldn't have broken! Thanks so much for the great experience!"

"Simply stunning!! I love the way the leaf drapes over the edge... It sounds crazy, but I feel happier and more peaceful when I hold it, even when it's empty!"