Frequently Asked Questions

Is your pottery food safe?  Can I use it in my microwave?  What about my dishwasher?

All of our stoneware pottery is made for functional kitchen and table use.   It's very durable stuff- this is not your grandmother's fine bone china! 

It's lead-free and food safe. You can put it in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer...even your oven!   Just avoid sudden temperature changes, like taking a bowl out of the fridge and putting it in a 350* oven or putting a hot dish into a sink of cold water. This is called "thermal shock" and can shatter your piece.  Pieces used in your oven should always be placed in a cold oven so they can gradually heat along with the oven. Pieces should also be allowed to come to room temperature before being washed.  With just a little extra care, your stoneware should last for many years.

Can I get a discount if I buy more than one piece?

We're always thrilled when customers are anxious to buy more than one piece of our work!   However, we do not offer discounts for regular retail purchases.  If you're a qualified retailer interested in carrying our work, please  contact us for a copy of our wholesale price list and catalog.

I bought a bunch of pieces from your site hoping to get a matched set but all the pieces look a little different.

Everything we make is handmade piece by piece and as such each item will have subtle variations.   Each glaze batch and each kiln firing also create slightly different glaze dynamics and color results as well.   This is the beauty of handmade work
; you won't get identical pieces like factory made, mass produced ceramics. 

If you are interested in a large set of something, please custom order it and it will all be thrown, glazed and fired together assuring a better match.

I really like that bowl, but can I get it in a different color than the one I see for sale?  Do you accept custom orders?

We do a great deal of custom work.  Whether you want two or two hundred pieces, we will work with you to make your ideas a pottery reality!  check out our purchase page send us an email to let us know what you're interested in

You may have to wait a while if we don't have the exact items you want in stock.  We're throwing pots and firing kilns all the time, but it usually takes 4-6 weeks to go from lump of clay to pretty finished piece.  

I'm a retailer/gallery interested in wholesale terms.  Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes we do!  For a catalog and our wholesale price sheet and terms, please email us.